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The MSA Settlements team is comprised of decades of experience in the legal, medical, technology and financial fields. We offer a high quality, full service approach by providing expert staff in compliance, litigation, healthcare, information technology, and financial planning. Our highly trained experts consist of attorneys, physicians, certified consultants, and registered nurses. We put the protection of your firm and client at the forefront of everything we do. Our legal team consisting of compliance attorneys reviews every allocation and assists our clients with legal issues to provide counsel on report matters and Medicare acceptable language.

  • All evidence based reports
  • Verify information for full allocation
  • Utilize National treatment Guidelines i.e. ODG or MTUS
  • Each guideline is listed in our report so it is defensible in court
  • We provide Expert Witness Testimony
  • Increase settlement amounts
  • Increased profitability to your firm

Us Over Competitors

MSA Settlements

  • We meet the highest standards in the industry by Including all diagnosis codes from medical records and by referencing, quoting and notating all federal guidelines used.

  • We use ONLY licensed and certified professionals from the start to the end of crafting our reports.

  • We provide a thorough medical summary and future medical care projections ensuring maximum impact to case exposure.



  • Other companies do not quote evidence based resources and guidelines.

  • Other companies allow non registered nurses and non-medical employees to draft reports.

  • Some competitors do not include all ailments and medications limiting case exposure.

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