Worker’s Compensation Medicare Set-Asides

Liability MSA’s (LMSA)

Liability Medicare Set-Asides including general liability, auto liability and medical

Medical Cost Projection (MCP)

Medical Cost Projection Reports are the industry standard for proper evaluation of an injury claim. The preparation of these reports requires professional licensure, years of experience and knowledge. A working knowledge and understanding of ICD10 coding (very soon ICD 11 coding) and federally mandated Medicare and non-Medicare billing standards are required to analyze the medical reports and billing. The preparer must have the requisite training, knowledge, and experience to overcome any challenge regarding the reliability of the MCP based on Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 509 U.S. 579 (1993). Unless a medical doctor or other medical expert has the requisite training, knowledge, and experience, the medical expert lacks the requisite qualific

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Surgical Cost Projection (SCP)

This report projects surgical costs per body part.

Life Care Planning(LCP)

Worker’s compensation and all areas of liability

Expert Witness Service

Report Support for our clients and customers is available for Settlement negotiations or conferences and as Expert Witness Testimony in court as necessary. We offer Expert Witness Services when litigation is necessary and expert knowledge is needed.

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