Medical Cost Projections (MCP)

  • Our Medical Cost Projection report provides an evidence-based tool for the legal industry. Our proprietary technology and systems locate and analyze therapeutic pricing guidelines and future medical costs increasing the settlement value.
    • A Complete Medical Record from date of injury to present
    • A Complete Injury Description Demographic information including SSN, DOB, address and phone number
    • Carrier Claim Number and Case Information
    • Comprehensive List of Denied or Controverted Parts, if necessary
    • Limits
    • Special Requests such as: Inflation tables and other applicable items

Liability Medicare Set Aside (LMSA)

  • Our highly experienced Medicare Set Aside Certified Consultants address regulatory and medical aspects of the MSA. We identify and implement cost-saving solutions to the MSA by using our systems and technology to identify and suggest efficient solutions.
    • A summary of the event related Medical Records
    • A summary of the Current Medical Status
    • List of all Relevant Treatment Codes including ICD-10 codes, CPT code and HCPC codes
    • List of all Current and Future Treatment Plans
    • Financial Analysis for Future Medical Care with evidence-based recommendations.
    • Provide a Post Settlement Conference with you and your client to go over the report and how to properly utilize the funds.
    • Provide Post Settlement Compliance Tools for your client with all relevant information needed for future reference

Life Care Planning (LCP)

  • MSA Settlements Life Care Plan (LCP) utilizes published standards of care and practice resulting in an evidence-based report providing a comprehensive assessment of your clients current and future medical needs, relevant data analysis, and research in an organized concise plan with associated costs for individuals who have been diagnosed with catastrophic injury or have chronic health care needs.

Early Intervention Report (EIR)

  • For cases within 6-12 months of injury
  • MSA Settlements provides an Early Intervention Report (EIR). This report was created for attorneys and paralegals to evaluate current medical care, to provide guidance from a medical professional to give recommendations on future treatments, specificality referrals, diagnostics, and to clarify outstanding medical items which will be required to determine future costs.
  • This service also includes organization of the medical records in chronological order which will be provided for the attorneys or paralegals in the MSA Portal.
  • After medical records are broken down, must be 100 pages or less.

Legal Demand Projections (LDP)

  • MSA Settlements Legal Demand Template (LDP) utilizes our information technology in assisting the legal profession in the preparation of a demand for settlement in cases with limited medicals or with policy limits of under $100K.


Post Administration

  • The MSA Settlements team of experts works directly with the client or client’s family to set up all the appropriate requirements to administer the client’s future treatment care needs. Ongoing support is offered throughout the entire process and the client is able to fully rely on the company to direct and manage all of the client’s future care needs relevant to the MSP Act and its regulatory.

Social Security Disability Evaluation and Application

  • MSA Settlements offers your clients full-service solution to navigating the SSDI platform, creating a thorough application and expediting a timely response. The client is guaranteed full transparency and communication throughout the process. Any challenges or issues that could potentially arise are evaluated and tackled. We are accredited by the National Association of Disability Representatives.

Proud Partner: Summit Structured Settlement Services

  • The Nation’s Largest Plaintiff Structured Settlement Provider.



  • MSA Settlements facilitates the creation, organization, and management of a financial guardianship. Through our preferred partnerships we are able to offer a smooth transition for our clients to continue out the remainder of their time with ease.

Special Needs Trusts

  • MSA Settlements offers a reliable way to set aside financial support for someone with a disability that may come from a personal injury award, workers’ compensation claim, inheritance or Social Security back payments.

Structured Settlements

  • Our structured settlement service is a custom created income structure which provides periodic payments as an alternative to an all-cash settlement. A structured settlement can offer unique tax planning opportunities, a lifetime of guaranteed income and peace of mind for claimants and their attorneys. Structured settlements can be designed to begin income immediately or it can be delayed. Structured settlement payments can be fixed  or inflation adjusted. Structured settlements can be created to last a lifetime or for a specific period of time.

Tax Strategies for Attorneys

  • Offering multiple types of structure options
    • Payment options that are designed based on an insurance company’s fixed rates. The payments will be fixed, consistent and guaranteed. Utilizing a Fixed Rate Structure will provide the client with the most predictable future income.
    • Payment options that are designed to participate in the performance of an external market index. Index rates will guarantee a minimum payment, but payments could increase over time based on the performance of the index. Index performance is often limited to an insurance company’s designated cap’s and or participation rates. Utilizing an Index Rate Structure will provide the client with a minimum guaranteed income but provide an opportunity for higher potential payouts with positive Index performance.
    • Payment options are NOT guaranteed. Payment options for those who are looking for potential Market-Based returns and do not need a guarantee. Future income will be based on the performance of an investment portfolio designed to accommodate the individual’s risk/return goals. MSA Settlements highly encourages all plaintiffs to maximize their guaranteed Structure prior to entertaining the use of a non-guaranteed Market based structure.