Why choose us

With decades of experience in the medical, technology and financial fields, our full-service approach offers the next generation of Medical Future Cost Projections, MSP compliance, healthcare, information technology and certified structured settlement analysis. Our state-of-the-art analysis uses evidence-based guidelines in the preparation of future medical projection reports. Our highly trained experts consist of attorneys, physicians, certified consultants, and registered nurses. We put the protection of your firm and client at the forefront of everything we do.

  • All Evidence Based Reports.

  • Verify information for Full Allocation.

  • Utilize National Treatment Guidelines - ODG or MTUS.

  • Our Reports are Defensible in Court.

  • Increase Settlement Amounts by 30-80%

Success Stories

Settlement 1:

Case settled for policy limits within 36 hours, after completion of our report.

Settlement 2:

Prior to using our Medicare Set-Aside report for a TBI, the attorney had a offer of $125K. After using our report was able to get policy limits of 1 million dollars. MSA Settlements was also able to reduce the MSA down to $64,253.45.

Settlement 3:

Attorney received an original offer of $36k, and with our report within 3 weeks received $980k.

Settlement 4:

After using our reports to assist in a catastrophic case, client received $3.5 million.

MSA Technology

Our proprietary software is used in the preparation of all of our reports and includes a CMS compliant database written with CMS Guidelines. We have embedded CPT, HCPC and ICD codes.

MSA Settlements' detailed MSA and Medical Cost Projection Reports are unmatched in the industry.

What's Coming

For decades CMS has required MSA reports in all Worker's Compensation cases, but only selected categories of Liability cases. The announcement of March 8th, 2022, by CMS stated new regulations and guidelines are expected to be releasees within the next 60 -90 days for liability cases. In the past, CMS has often declined to review MSA Liability cases, principally because they simply did not have enough adequately trained staff. They are NOW gearing up to handle all Liability Report submissions. Historically, CMS has rejected approximately 22% of all required reports submitted.

MSA Settlements enjoys the singular status of having had over 99% of our reports accepted.



Each year, Worker's Compensation carriers and self-insured employers pay out over $25 billion in claims, of which 15%, or $3.5 billion are paid out annually to claimants in the form of Liability Medicare Set Asides (LMSA).

The legislation requires that all parties must consider Medicare’s interests first in settling liability claims.